4 Hour Kite Buggy Intermediate Course

This course is a further extension on from our 2 hour Discovery course and is designed to be run over 2 days as 2 individual 2 hour sessons.

The first day follows the description as outlined on the 2 Hour Discovery page with safety assessment, basic theory with health and safety guidelines, kite flying and introduction to buggy with first runs.


The second day then allows us to begin to focus on upwind tacking, sharp 180° turns on both sides, controlled stops as well as hooked in piloting mode using either one of our versitile land kites or one of our water relaunchable models for additional power and sliding capabilities.

By the end of the 4 hour intermediate course you should expect to be able to reach a good level of kite flying and buggy control which will allow you to go away and practice independently and safely.