Quest Iron Man

If you cant decide which activities to try, why not think about trying them all?

This is the ultimate mix n match for all watersports lovers. Perfect for a group of friends, a celebration, corporate day out or even team building exercise. Choose from our selection of traction kiting, kite buggying, kitesurfing, S.U.P or paddle board yoga, body boarding or kayak.

Run over 2 days, we offer a 6 hour introductory experience to all our favourite extreme sports. Rather than focussing on all the technical aspects of each individual respective activity, we provide a fast track route that enables you to try out a much wider combination of different sports over a shorter course of time.

By the end of your epic Quest Iron Man experience you will be able to trully define which of these sports best suits your taste and abilities and will allow you to go away and practice further on the one that best defines you!

For more in-depth information concerning the various other sports we offer please refer to our Activities section where you will be able to choose what interests you the most.