S.U.P – Stand Up Paddleboarding

Booming onto the watersports scene, both from a contemporary standpoint as well as a sport in itself, S.U.P. trully began establishing its roots as recently as 2005.


From a historical view point,¬†for thousands of years many African tribes based around river and coastal cultures have propelled their¬†canoes and rafts by poling and paddling whilst standing. Thus the concept of standing and paddling using an extended canoe paddle is far from being new. However, as an offshoot of traditional surfing, the origins of S.U.P. are largely attributed to Hawaii and the Waikiki beach boys of the 1960’s.

Unlike traditional surfing styles where the rider is lying prone and begins to paddle before the wave comes, Stand Up Paddleboarders maintain a vertical upright stance whilst balancing on their boards and propel themselves through the water using a paddle.

When choosing to S.U.P, there are various modes by which to enjoy the sport including flat water paddling for purely recreational purposes, water yoga fitness or sightseeing. Lakes, rivers and mangrove canals also often provide excellent conditions for practicing however the majority of experienced paddleboarders tend to spend most of their time surfing on ocean waves.

Paddleboarding has a number of advantages over other watersports in that it can be practiced on no or light wind days, with or without surf and is much lighter and easier to transport compared to traditional kayaks or canoes, especially with the new line of inflatable models. The equipment has no moving parts and requires very little assembly which eliminates the risk of damage and or injury to the participant, it also does not require specific wind or tidal conditions like kitesurfing or sailing and will not cost you great sums of money or take a long time to learn.

In July 2015, having considered all the obvious beneficial factors S.U.P. has, we decided to introduce a fleet of brand new Safe boards into our kiteschool quiver and develop a lesson and supervised rental program aimed at expanding on the awareness and growth of the sport here in Kenya.

Additionally, every participant is encouraged we make use of our Tabula balance board before and after each session. This is specifically designed to enhance your session on the water by developing balance, motor co-ordination skills, weight distribution and core strength. It’s also great fun!

What We Offer

With miles of straight protected shoreline and multiple sandbars stretching out along the offshore reef, Diani offers some of the best S.U.P. conditions in the world both for beginners looking to practice and hone their skills in safe, shallow sandy lagoons as well as experienced paddleboarders looking to head out and score some serious wave action!

We offer both a 1.5 hour Introductory Course aimed at introducing you to the essential skills required to handle this water craft as well as a supervised hourly rental scheme set up to allow those of you that are already comfortable and independent paddleboarders the opportunity to head out and explore the hidden gems of this corner of The Indian Ocean.

  • 1.5 hour Introductory Course

    1.5 hour Introductory Course

    Perfect if you fancy trying something new that is easy to learn, keeps you in the water when the wind isn't blowing and is still a great core body work out at the same time!

  • S.U.P. Rental

    S.U.P. Rental

    At Quest Kiteboarding we have decided to work with the latest, safest and most durable equipment available on the market.

  • S.U.P. Yoga

    S.U.P. Yoga

    A dynamic combination of both traditional yoga poses, breathing, core stability and balance techniques transfused into the more recent sport of stand up paddleboarding.