1.5 Hour Introductory Course

Our beginners course covers beach and ocean site assessment, board and paddle introduction, safety guidelines and correct handling in surf. We also detail the correct techniques required for entering and exiting the water, how to stand up and what body posture to adopt as well as how to fall correctly without risking injury.

As the lesson progresses we continue to examine paddle and stroke methods, board management, control and turns and improved riding stance on flat water.

We conduct our beginner courses close to the shoreline in waist deep, flat water without any surf involved. This initial controlled environment allows us to focus on getting you up and paddleboarding quickly, comfortably and above all else safely. Generally towards the end of the session most people are confident with what they have been taught and begin to venture out alittle further into the deeper channels in order to get riding and enjoy another viewing perspective on Diani Beach.


Currently our teaching ratio for this course is 2 students to 1 instructor. This enables us the opportunity to focus on providing professional, focussed and in-depth tuition tailored to both individuals needs and requirements. We also supply rashvests as well as sunscreen for those who dont have their own.

S.U.P is suitable for all age groups, families and even pets have been known to get involved. It works as the perfect solution for light or no wind days and still remains an awesome work out and super fun whether its just cruising around on the flats or surfing in the swell.