Paddleboard Yoga

A dynamic combination of both traditional yoga poses, breathing, core stability and balance techniques transfused into the more recent sport of stand up paddleboarding.

In the very short time that it has been in existence, S.U.P yoga has grown substantially to become an international community practicing around the world on rivers, oceans, lakes, canals, ponds and swimming pools.

Drawing its origins from the ancient Indian practices that have been preserved for thousands of years along with those utilized by Hawaiian fishermen and surfers from the early 1950’s and 60’s, this spirited and lively activity is the ultimate core muscle body work out.


What We Offer

Quest Kiteboarding offer an exclusive experience tailored around finding your balance and zen whilst floating on one of our inflatable S.U.P paddleboards in the Indian Ocean.

This course is perfect for anybody wishing to not only work on their core fitness but also soak up the nature and beauty that only Diani Beach can offer on the south coast.


Run as an hourly session on a 1-1 basis, Francesca, our resident kitesurf and yoga instructor will impart all her knowledge and skills aquired over years of dedicated practice and experience.

This session can be tailored around beginner yoga stretches or fast tracked to advanced poses and breathing techniques, depending upon your level of existing yoga practice.

Although intended for those of you who already poses the basics when it comes to paddleboarding and are familiar with this water craft, it is not essential and we welcome complete beginners to both S.U.P and yoga.

Lessons are conducted in the shallow, sandy bottomed lagoons that appear close to the shoreline at low tide, however we do also offer V.I.P sessions run out on the sandbars that pop up along the reef.

The experience of mastering new yoga techniques whilst discovering the beauty and nature of the coral reef is quite simple fantastic and very often we are privy to seeing turtle, sting ray and even dolphin on a clear day!


Please Enquire for further details regarding our V.I.P paddle board yoga sessions and availability.

We provide rashvests and sun screen for all participants during lessons and guarantee the most amazing aquatic yoga experience on this side of the East African coastline.